Mountain Quality Check Tourism is our most popular system for those using our survey tools for the first time. In addition to benchmark questions, the online system also offers the ability to intergrate additional customised questions. The surveys take place from your Homepage. Results can be reviewed ongoing using our anaylsis tools.
Central to the involvement of the customer through these virtual tools is the surveying of the levels of satisfaction of the visitors to your area/region and the capturing of the expectations of those who have an interest in your area.

Goals of the "virtual customer" involvement

How high a profile does your ski area enjoy amongst visitors or other interested parties (the information is collected in the field in your region)
- surveys of the perceived image of your area
- collation of customer satisfaction levels
- hear the expectations of your area from interested / involved parties
- profile analysis of your visitors and interested parties



The survey contains winter-specific questions. In addition to your logo, winter photos of your region can be integrated


Also for the summer, we have a customised system

Customisation / Process

You have the opportunity to include 3 - 4 questions which are specific to your situation which we programme into the surveys. This can be applied to the competitive environment if so desired.
We require your Logo, Photos and your specific questions and the surveys can begin immediately.


- Welcome
- Awareness/Profile
- Image
- Not visited: Expectations
- Visited: Satisfaction
- Visitor profile


Link to your homepage

Visitors to your homepage are taken by links/banners to your customised MQC Online presence. The location of the link is important e.g. Under Weather data, Webcams etc or in other high-traffic pages in your website. The better (more obvious) the location of the link, the better the response rate and the higher quality the data and analysis will have. You can also send the link in a newsletter email or place it on other sites to improve the response rates e.g. in sites of lift operators, Hotels etc.

Link Kitzbühel
Link St. Moritz
Link Zermatt

Examples of the reports

To enlarge, click on the picture



The sytem can also provide the ability to provide responses to visitors' comments

Feedback to comments

Online presentation of the data

The presentation of the customer satisfaction data is uptodate with the way your customers are using information in the modern world. Use this opportunity to directly inform your customers of the latest results. You can decide which information and results you would like to publicise.

Presentation of results


3 year subscription (3 in 5)
Use of the MQC Tourism systems for 3 seasons within 5 years
2 year subscription
Use of the MQC Tourism systems for 2 consecutive seasons
1 year subscription
Use of the MQC Tourism systems for a season