The convenient internet-based solution with your photos and videos from your area. You can choose between a number of variations. The Quality Check is linked to your homepage. Your guests and visitors complete the Quality Check on-line. A permanently available uptodate Analysis Tool complements the system. As standard, we offer 4 languages (German, English, Italien, French). There is a differentiation between "already visited" and "not visited".

Flash intro with standard questionaire


This options consist of the 36 MQC benchmark questions. We integrate your logo, take-on the design of your Homepage and add panorama pictures from your area and use these between blocks of questions. An agreed Flash-intro is also included.

Intergration of your specific questions

Standard plus

In addition to the Standard package, this customised option contains your specific questions (your own logo, panorama pictures and flash intro sequences)

Greetings Video or Flash intro; questonaires with your own pictures from your area


Our Top version: with videos and uptodate photos.
So guests can find their way around your area with ease.
In addition to the Greeting Video (which we will record and create with you), we can include your photos throughout the survey webpages and on a per-question basis. The integration of customised questions as well as general adjustments (design, logo etc) are, of course, included in the pricing.


Other examples:

incl. Your own pictures from your area
Startpage with Flash intro
Startpage with Flash intro
Standard questions
Customised questions

Link to your homepage

Visitors to your homepage are taken by links/banners to your customised MQC online presence. The location of the link is important e.g. under Weather data, Webcams etc or in other high-traffic pages in your website. The better (more obvious) the location of the link, the better the response rate and the higher quality the data and analysis you will obtain. You can also send the link in a newsletter email or place it on other sites to improve the response rates e.g. on sites of Tourist Boards, Hotels etc

Link Schnalstal
Link Arosa
Link Corvatsch
Link Lenzerheide
Link Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis


A further way to increase the response rate is a handout in credit card format (CC format) e.g. distributed at the point of sale of ski passes, in restaurants ... This is most effective with the smaller cable car & skilift operators who do not have high internet traffic on their homepages or where a link from/to other sites is limited or not possible. The CC format can contain additional information (important telephone numbers, opening times, web-addresses, special offers ...)

E.g. front
E.g. back


All 3 options contain an analysis screen. You will receive a User Name and a Password with which you can log on to view the analyses. The Startpage contains questions to elimnate those respondants who have not been in your area or their last visit was too long ago.

Easy to use menu driven functions
Multiple types of anaylsis



This system allows you to provide feedback to the comments of your visitors

Feedback to comments

Presentation of results

The presentation of the customer satisfaction data is uptodate with the way your customers are using information in the modern world. Use this opportunity to directly inform your customers of the latest results. You can decide which information and results you would like to publicise.

Presentation of results

Costs & Prices

One-time use (within 12 calendar months)
The system is linked - for up to 1 year - with your Homepage (from the beginning of the winter season). We cover data for the last 3 winter seasons. You can therefore integrate the survey into your current web-site high traffic pages or, also in Summer, on your winter info pages.

Standard questionaire, modifiying design, your own panorama photos, customised Flash intro
Standard plus
The Standard package plus the intregation of customised additional questions
The Standard Plus package plus your own photos to each question and a personal greetings video (will be filmed in your area by the MQC Team)

Ongoing Use, over a number of years
As the majority of visitors are current-season guests, we recommend the use of the system over the course of several years. In this way, you receive not only current up-to-date opinions and impressions from your visitors, but also information from the prior 2 seasons, giving you higher quality data comparison. Based on an unchanged use of the system (same photos, same specific questions..), the following pricing applies:

Package Standard "3 in 5"
Use of the MQC Online System for 3 years over the course of 5 years
Package Standard plus "3 in 5"
Use of the MQC Online System for 3 years over the course of 5 years
Package Pro "3 in 5"
Use of the MQC Online System for 3 years over the course of 5 years

Prices/costs for requested changes

creation of a new Flash intro and farewell sequences Hourly Rate
creation of uptodate pictures and videos in your area
(incl. travel and expenses)
Daily Rate

Main Advantages

  • High quality data on your customers' level of satisfaction
  • Supports in a targeted and directed manner your marketing efforts
  • Your Guests feel involved iin the process of quality improvement