Individualised solutions - CUSTOMIZED!

With the MQC_CUSTOMIZED varitaion, we will fulfil your special wishes. This offer ranges from a light amendment to the standard version up to a complete new system.


A new CUSOMIZED solution could - for instance - consist of the following:
- adaption of an existing topic or area .. Or a completely new approach
- Data input from the questionaires or via the PC e.g. Laptops or mini-Pcs
- Data entry online or offline (or with intermediate data input and storage with later transmission)
- as a stand alone windows programme or reachable via Homepages
- incl. Online analysis and/or data export for professional statistical analysis software

Further variations

Is the information you require no able to be obtained directly from your guest? If so, we can set-up a system for you on various portals or forums. We have been workingfor many years with well-known portals through out Europe and have regularly implemented MQC Variations e.g., ...

We would be very happy to work with you to develop an optimal solution which is customised to your specific needs.

Examples of customization

Tourism Engadin St.Moritz

Tourism Engadin St Moritz: This version was developed from the standard Mountain Quality Check Tourism for the detailed survey on the whole Engadin St Moritz region. An even more flexible survey process was integrated (further questions being dependent upon earlier responses)

EventSurvey Engadin St.Moritz

A new system which enables the capture of data on guest's opinions and feedback has been developed for areas without constant internet connection. Information is input into a minipc (Netbook) or Laptop (windows compatible). The data transfer occurs via internet when connected. The questionaire was developed especially for events in the Engadin St Moritz region. Viathe existing online platform, new events could be added, information corrected and anaylsis performed. The software can be installed on numerous pcs at any one time.

ENGADINcard Check

The Quality Check of the ENGADINcard. A short survey which was produced on its own system. The customer obtains a link via a Newsletter direct to the CUSTOMIZED ENGADINcard Check.