Products for cable car & skilift operators

Only by comparison to others can you improve!
Increase quality through ongoing supervision.

Only with facts - information on your customers' satisfaction - are you able to motivate your employees to change and improve.

If you don't know where you are, you don't know in which direction to go!
36 questions - plus additional customised questions - which are directly relevant to the cable car & sklift operators branch will be answered by your customers/visitors. The empahsis is on the mountain as a whole (and on how the customer experiences the mountain).

MQC On Mountain

Our classical (and most popular) product. Based on distributed questionaires, we measure the levels of satisfaction in your area. The collection and analysis of the data takes place online via the internet.

MQC Online

The convenient internet-based solution with your photos and videos from your area. You can choose between a number of options. The Quality Check is linked to your homepage. Your guests and visitors complete the Quality Check on-line. A permanently available uptodate Analysis Tool complements the system.

MQC Gastro

This system has been developed in more detail and customised to the specific characteristics of alpine gastronomy. Highest quality ski areas including Ischgl, Serfaus and Gstadd-Saanenmösern, Landsgemeindeplatzzug use this system to improve their quality in the area of Gastronomy. The survey will usually be carried out using printed questionaires distributed to customers. The input and anaylsis is performed online with a browser e.g. Internet Explorer