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Mountain-Management has spent over 12 years developing specialised and customised software solutions to enable you to measure on an ongoing basis your customers' satisfaction both on the mountain and in the surrounding environs. We have clients in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

There is no crisis only a new reality

MOUNTAIN MANAGER (from June 2009)
Summary of results from the 7th Mountain Management Symposium

The seventh MM_Symposium in Grandelwald (CH) with biews of the "Top of Europe" (the Jungfraujoch) was carried out under the moto "With Excellence to the top!". This appraoch, in view of the econmoic crisis, has been considered more and more important, to generate customer enthusiasm for the mountains. 95% of Europeans do not necessarily have a high affinity for the alpine experience.However, one must know the trends, to be able to suceed and position one-self in the highly competitive tourism industry. And one must know, what opportunities there can be in a stagnating market - via increased presence and attractiveness respectively via anti-cyclical advertising behaviour. In this sense, there is no crisis, just a new reality which one man approach in the right way...

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